What’s Involved in Getting a Hearing Aid?

Step 1: A Hearing Test

The first step to getting a hearing aid is having a complete hearing assessment by a registered audiologist.

Step 2: Counselling

After the hearing test, you will sit down with the audiologist and discuss the results. At Pure Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, we emphasize education and counselling - we want to ensure that you fully understand the results.

Step 3: Hearing Aid Evaluation

We will then discuss what your options are - whether this involves hearing aids, hearing protection or simply continued monitoring of your hearing. It may even be possible to try out a hearing aid right in the office to give you an idea of what the experience will be like.

Once we decide on the style and level of technology that is right for you, we will take earmold impressions of your ears. These will be sent to the hearing aid manufacturer where your instruments will be custom fit for you.

Steps 1-3 are typically done on the same day and take about 1 to 1 % hours to complete.

Step 4: Fitting

About 1-2 weeks later, you will come in for your fitting appointment where we will fit the hearing aids to your ears and program them according to your hearing loss. Today’s hearing aids are highly adjustable and can be fine tuned extensively. We will typically not do a lot of fine tuning the first day, but wait until the follow up appointment. This allows you time to get used to the instruments.

Step 5: Follow Up

About 2-3 weeks after the fitting, we will make fine tuning adjustments to the instruments if needed - based on your experiences with the hearing aids in your own life. This could be increases or decreases in amplification, addition of programs for specific situation, etc. We may also use specialized equipment (called Real Ear Equipment) to measure exactly how the hearing aid is amplifying right in your ear canal.

If there are any issues with the fit of the instruments, these can be addressed as well.

Step 6: Additional Follow Up

If needed, additional follow up appointments are always available. At Pure Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, all follow up visits are free of charge for the life of the hearing aids.

What’s the Cost of a Hearing Aid?

Product Range

Hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers (for a list of manufacturers, see our links page). Each manufacturer offers a range of products covering a wide price range.

The price of the hearing aid is determined to some extent by the style (e.g. very small hearing aids are more expensive than larger hearing aids) but most of the differences in price are determined by the level of technology in the device. As the level of sophistication goes up, so does the price.

More expensive (and typically more sophisticated) hearing instruments will generally:

  • Perform better in background noise
  • Have better sound quality
  • Have more adjustability
  • Have more features (e.g. multiple programs, special features for use with cell phones, etc)

Typical Hearing Aid Cost

Hearing aids typically cost from about $900-$3500 each. However, assistance is provided for every resident of Ontario. The Assistive Devices Program administered by the Ontario Ministry of Health provides a grant of up to $500 per ear to help pay for hearing aids. This amount is deducted from your total bill and we bill the program directly.

For more information on this program, please visit the Assistive Devices Program website.

Pure Audiology & Hearing Aid Services is an authorized vendor for the Assistive Devices Program.