Your Hearing

Hearing fulfils several purposes: it is essential for verbal communication – not only do we hear words but also the nuances in tone which often determine the exact meaning – and for the acquisition of speech. Additionally, it is required for the perception of sound (e.g. music) and it is useful for orientation, as e.g. an approaching vehicle is often heard and located before it is actually seen. Our ability to hear defines who we are and how we communicate. When everything works as it should, our sense of hearing has the power to inform, entertain and connect us with family and friends.

Hearing impairment affects approximately 10% of the population. Although people of all ages can be affected by a hearing loss, the majority of people with impaired hearing are over 60 years old and their hearing loss is related to the aging process. As a rule the deterioration of hearing ability is not painful and is therefore often not taken seriously.

In this section you can gain a deeper understanding of hearing, hearing impairment and related issues. There’s so much in life that’s worth hearing. You owe it to yourself to make sure you can appreciate every single sound.


Not being able to see isolates you from objects.
Not being able to hear isolates you from people.
– Immanuel Kant